Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barking Dogs, Roof Top Napping and My Tough Girl

Seulub, I think he could be my son. Really.

Some of the clothes I bought for Junu or Junibug

Dad woke me up at 3 a.m. It has been 7 days we have spent here at the Everest Hotel and for 6 nights, Dad has been woken up by a neighborhood dog. This dog literally will bark for 3 hours without stopping. No kidding. The neighborhood must be use to it, because I can't imagine he would hang around if it bothered everyone. Now any of you who know my father, understand his tenderness towards animals, especially dogs. So you can imagine our surprise, his and mine, when he called him a few choice words, more than once. We laughed, because he's kidding, but this dog was really testing his and my patience. You see, if Dad is awake chances are I am also. So guess what we did???? "Yelp" I mean yep you guessed it, Dad went down to the front desk and changed rooms. So here we are, shlepping our stuff down the hall to the other side of the hotel at 3 in the morning. I just about busted a gut when we were all set in our new room and the dogs on the other side of the building started barking and howling. True story. I'm laughing as I write. So darn hiliarous. Fortunately, these dogs don't have quite the endurance and tenacity of their neighbor on the other side.

Fast forward to later that morning. Pandey took us to a shopping center where I could purchase some clothes for Junu. After Thursday she can come out of the orphanage with me. I have difficultly maintaining control around little girl clothes. I started putting all kinds of cute outfits in my basket, so much so that when I cashed out I had a YIKES response. I decided I didn't need the sassy skirts yet, but rather the more comfortable shirts and pants. Make no mistake, they are still cute as ever.

Given Dad's lack of sleep, he decided to stay back at the hotel today and rest. So it was only me to the orphanage today. When I arrived, the kids were on the roof top, lounging. Junu was laying on her stomach still very sleeply. Sanu was there today and she and I talked a lot about what their needs are at the orphanage. She spoke about a washing machine being a huge priority. She, of course, was gracious and certainly didn't expect we could purchase this item, but I kept asking her to be honest as to what their true needs are right now. For one month they have had to hand wash all the clothes in the orphanage. I should take a picture of the piles of clothing, blankets, towels, etc. It is more than you can imagine. Just think, 18 kids all under the age of 4. Yes I said 18. In the past week 4 more babies were brought to the orphanage. Sad truth.

Junu continues to be her "slumpy" self when I arrive, however I know that she is truly happy to see me. She started to reach her little brown toes towards my leg today and began to position her body so we were touching. I approached today the same as yesterday, hanging back. The other kids gave their hellos with kisses and hugs. Seulub, who I really believe is my son (I know that sounds crazy, but truly, I believe he is) wanted to sit on my lap. Of course I loved this. He swept my hair out of my eyes and gave me his charming smile. Oh I wish I could bring him home with Junu. Perhaps another time...I pray.

So I have been informed and have seen for my own eyes my little tough girl in action. Sanu said the other kids call her "goondi" Junu which means "a don". We laughed, but really my heart was a bit sad to think she has had to be so tough. She is so delicate in many ways, yet by contrast tough and at times too tough. She has empathy, I've witnessed it, but she has no problem pushing the edges. I am curious to see how she responds to being out of the orphanage. I think she will soften and it's okay by me to maintain some of that brassy sassy self. I will share soon.

Well, I'm off to rest now. Big day tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your words of encouragement. It lifts my heart, you all lift my heart.
Peace and blessings

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  1. Dearest Sharlyn,
    You are my hero! I get up every day and read your blog. Your actions are world-changing. I am thinking of you and your daughter often and imagining the beautiful life you will share. Peace and joy to you both!