Saturday, February 12, 2011

Junu's 3rd Birthday Party!

Junu's friends eating the sweets she brought them for her birthday.

Beautiful Cocee

Receiving Love

Goondi and Goonda

Whatcha gonna do? Blow them out or what?

Cutting the cake.

Waiting for cake.

Let the cake eating begin!

More Love.

And more Love.

So happy.

I think for this post the pictures really say it all.  We had a great day.  Uncle Pandey enjoyed the celebration with us and helped me get the cake and the candles, etc.  It's definately more challenging to do what seems so simple at home, but I did it with the help of others.  The celebration was perfect and Junu was in her glory being around all her friends.  We danced, laughed, played, tickled, ate, and just had fun.  Thank you Junu's family at Sahayogi Samaj Nepal, we love you all!!!

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