Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Lucy

Sweet Silly Lucy
So since I've been in Nepal I've continued to stay in touch with Nancy, the woman who is fostering my two dogs, Lucy and Polly.  They have been doing great and she has been actively seeking to find them a home.  Often, as you pet owners can imagine, I just miss them soooo much.  I will then email Nancy and she always is kind enough to take time to email me back.  The girls are doing great.  Well today when I checked to see if I had received a response from Nancy, my heart took a big plummet to the ground, Lucy is going to her new home on Saturday.  I'm happy that Nancy found the perfect home for her, but this means she is really going away and there is no chance of me seeing her again.  You all might be thinking I'm so emotional as most of my posts have to do with some sad topics, but it's just where I'm at.  The entire time before I left for Nepal I had blinders on, trying to stay focused on getting to Junu.  Now that I'm here and I am "feeling" more, I am more sensitive and I have to let it out.  Last night, between PMS, being tired, a full moon and a glass of wine the tears just kept flowing out of my eyes.  Junu said "cry" (she's saying so many more English words, which I have emotions about also) and I sad, "Yes, mama cry."

Today I say a true goodbye to my silly dog Lucy.  I will miss her joi d'vive, her soft beautiful hair, her over exuberant greetings and her love of everyone and everything.  She has been adopted by a retired teacher who can give her 100% attention and love.  Polly remains in foster care and it is my hope to bring her home with me once we return from Nepal.  She is an old girl, no teeth and her tongue hangs our of her mouth...very cute to me.  She hasn't generated as much interest to people looking for dogs and well, I think she is perfect for us.  We shall see.  Time will tell more.
Wishing I could give Lucy one last squeeze..... :(


  1. We all loved sweet little Lucy Coconut. Missing and loving you and Junu. <3

  2. Sharlyn, it is so sad that in order to be with one love, you had to give up another love!! I know your heart is broken and I am so very sorry for you, Dear!! May Junu's love get you through all of this and bring the smile back to your beautiful face!!! I am praying for you.

  3. Sharlyn! It's been so long, not sure that you will remember us... I can't remember for the life of me where I saw it, but I was out and about here in Horseheads last week and saw a poster about your story, but I didn't have time to read it... I only saw your name and something about raising funds and it's been driving me crazy trying to remember where I saw it so that I could read it, but tonight I googled your name and it came right up! So sorry you are having such a time of it getting to bring Junu home with you. It's been a long journey as it is from what I've read so far, it's such a shame to have to go through all this additional strife on top of it. I hope you get this resolved as soon as possible and are back home with your sweet girl!

    (Dylan Green's mom :) )