Friday, March 4, 2011

Our First Visitors Came, Landed :) and Left :(


Junu and Uncle Pandey at Pashaputi

Junu and Seneca in their Nepali hats...and me

Junu and Uncle Pandey in Nagarkut.  Himalayas in background.  This was the countryside outing.

Junu and Auntie Robin

Junu and Robin at the Dream Garden

Seneca and Junu looking at the fish.

Seneca at Sahayogi Samaj.  She and Supria (little one in the pink) were fast friends!  Again, Seneca is AMAZING with children. 
My dear friend Robin and  her most beautiful and precious daughter Seneca came to visit Junu and I.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have a bit of home right her in Nepal.  Our visit was PERFECT and Junu has clearly bonded with both Robin and Seneca (or "Senca" as Junu says).  It was reassuring for me to see her bond and attach with others.  Our visit was filled with many day trips; some simple, some more extensive such as our visit to the countryside.  In addition, Robin and Seneca did some of their own sightseeing while Junu and I hung out at home (I hadn't been feeling well, respiratory stuff again).  Each evening we would gather for dinner at home and while Junu and Seneca did art (markers, playdoh, etc.) Robin and I enjoyed a glass of wine together.

Seneca was amazing on this trip!! For 9 years old she is quite brave and curious.  She tried new things easily, enjoyed the Nepali culture and played like a pro with Junu.  Actually she is quite gifted with children and teaching!!!  A true pleasure for me, since I haven't spent this much condensed time with her since she was a wee little girl.  I am looking forward to watching her grow, she is so special!

I cried when Robin and Seneca left.  I have felt so much love and nurturing from Robin and she really felt like my security blanket (Bin, how do you like that comparison??).  Even now my eyes are brimming with tears.  Just very grateful for the love and friendship.  I am so happy to know that when we come home, Junu will already have familiarity.  Skype has been great and I think this is also going to help her when we return.

I was reminded by a sweet friend of mine, Margo, to enjoy my time here in Nepal with Junu as it is truly precious.  That my feelings of wanting to go home may be something she may feel when she comes to the U.S.  She loves Nepali people, because she is one, but even more, she really likes people.  People here are very loving and interested in children and many times a day she is swept out of my arms and into the arms of a kind person who wants to adore her.  She certainly enjoyed all the love from Robin and Seneca.  She wanted to be in their arms almost as much as mine.  Makes me feel very happy in my heart. 

Well, I just wanted to give a little update, it's been some time since I last wrote.  Seems difficult to get time and cooperation from the load shedding here, to get things posted.  I will do my best to add more soon.

Much love to all.


  1. Sharyln, this is a gorgeous and heartwarming story. You should consider writing a book about this adventure and life changing period of your life. It would be a wonderful thing to read. I look forward to your blogs and getting to know Junu. She is a lovely little child and has a beautiful and wonderful new Mommy. May God be with you always and guide you back home to us once again. Love to you and Junu, Shirley

  2. Hi, Sharlyn, from the MacNeill family in Ithaca , and especially Draco! It's so wonderful to see you and Junu and to know that you both have so many caring friends. It will be terrific to see you again, and to finally meet Junu!

    By the way, Draco is now talking a mile a minute, using new words every day. He's making up for lost time, just like his brothers did!