Monday, January 31, 2011

Sacred Early Morning

It is early morning here in Nepal, about 5:30 a.m.  The morning always feels so sacred to me.   As I sit here in the big leather chair, I look over to the bed and my beautiful daughter is finally here with me, sleeping.  I feel the love wash over me and I pause to take it all senses are so alive.  I hear the coo of the pigeons, the chatter of the morning birds, the call of the rooster next door and the tapping of a hammer from someone working already.  I check over to see Junu, she is still there and I'm still amazed I am here.  This entire journey has had so many obstacles and challenges, but as I sit here this morning I see now  how all has been perfect in its own way.  How each challenge has brought me to this particular moment in time, which I would never replace.  Never change.  To be here with her, to bond with her in this way is truly perfect.  I, of course, had another agenda, but I am learning to let go and let God show me.  It is truly an evolution of surrender to the deepest level.

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